Hi all, this is. Muriki P Hasvi of grade 9, I recently went to the Everest Base Camp, and this is a small blog to show my experience..

So first off I’d like to start with from the beginning, I got to know mountaineering through a movie and then dig deep in mountaineering, so I got to know a lot then my dad had told me that u should try mountaineering with Romil sir, he was basically my dad’s trainer.So then I was onto it I was doing fitness every day kept working out and was all ready though there were thoughts in my mind saying that what is going to happen if u aren’t able to do it?? And what happens if u fail??? etc so that time I said myself that I’d be able to do it or not do it it is just a part of your experience and we must never give up easily…

So it was the day I had to fly and this was the first time I was going out of the country without my parents and only with a friend so my parents were nervous if I could make it alone in the airport and all the other procedures, but I successfully could!!! So the trek was hard indeed but I gave it my ��% it was just like a roller coaster ride there were many ups and downs but I managed to come through…The downs were basically I threw up, had severe headaches, severe fatigue, etc but I’ve made it through which was the. the best part of the trek. So I further plan on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, MT. Elbrus, and then the mightiest of all the MT.Everest…The best memories of the trip were

1) I really loved the monasteries we visited, like you made something to learn about the history or the habitat etc

2) I really liked the pier by whom I was surrounded always, they were all caring and kind.

3)I loved the food though I know we don’t get much in the mountains I really loved the way it was!!

I recommend people to go on this trip because after going you would feel like a changed person, you would love the scenery, sound, smell of the mountains…There will be a point in the trip where you feel to give up but that is where you need to show your skills and get your confidence and then you will be able to achieve whatever you want in life. Then, it is also not always about the placements like 1st, 2nd, or 3rd it is about completing it. This is not a running race it’s just a race that’s supposed to be completed without placements coming in between. A great human once’s said that *“ It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”*.

So, after you conquer a mountain for instance how I conquered the Everest Base Camp the peace and happiness you feel is really different you feel happy for yourself because despite the odds you have faced during the climb you finished it all you feel the presence of inner peace that time, and trust you will love that feeling. So whatever you do give your ��% though they will be ups and downs they will eventually be alright after you achieve what you’ve wanted or waited for!!!

This was basically it( my journey to the Everest Base Camp)!!



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