Madurai... The longest living city in the world

Have you heard of Madurai? It's one of the longest-living cities in the world, and we as Indians have the pride to call the City our own, as it's situated in Tamilnadu. My L'il cousin who is about 12 years old, had the chance to visit this lovely city. She was all excited to taste the Madurai Cuisine more than the idea of visiting the historical temples that the place is famous for. Here is a gist of a 12yo, who loved the serenity of Madurai. 

Food tops the list... 

The first place my l'il cousin visited was the Madurai Famous Jigarthandha. We Bangaloreans cannot survive in any other city with no tolerance to climate changes, the first thing my cousin did was cool her body down with this cold milk-based creamy beverage. The next was the main course she visited a street vendor for tasting the Madurai Kari Dosa, which was her favourite. Later the next day she went to a proper authentic restaurant called Amma Mess for lunch. To her surprise, the owner of the hotel was serving food to the customers, not because he was low on staffing, but did it out of passion. I have no news for vegans because my cousin loves non-vegan meals.   

Then Comes the Historic Places... 

She was astonished by the grandeur of art at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple. A 12yo doesn't have a spiritual connection, but everyone and anyone can understand Art. She was thoroughly impressed by the sculptures and the paintings. The next one was the Gandhi Memorial Museum, the quiet in the museum scared her a bit.  Kazimar Big Mosque is the oldest one in Madurai and is well known for its artwork and architecture, once again my cousin was in aww. 

It was a 2-day trip and this was all she could cover in the short span, but she had a splendid time and learned a lot about our Historical places. However, there is a lot to explore in Madurai. Let me know your favourite places to visit. 


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