Know what your father wants! This Father's Day, you have something to know about your father.

The 19th of June 2022 is celebrated as the Father's day. The 5th of July 1908 was the day when in the United States, hundreds of men died in a mining mishap. One of the daughters of the then minister, Grace Golden, proposed a Sunday Service in honour of all those men who lost their lives in the mishap. As years passed, a girl named Sonora Smart Dodd proposed the idea of observing Father’s Day to honour her father, William Jackson Smart. William, a civil war veteran, was a single parent who raised his five children suffering odds. In his respect, Dodd began to advocate Father's Day on a national level after her graduation. But, it's only in 1972, after the former President Richard Nixon signed a declaration, that Father's Day became popular and is observed on the third Sunday of June. 


On this Father's Day, let's talk about a few things that fathers love but don't appear like they do. 


1. Your father loves to receive surprise gifts on Father's Day. Yes. While no father expresses it, he secretly loves it when you suprise him with what he loves. You also might not receive a great expression of joy and excitement after you surprise him. Still, he enjoys it. Try it once! 


2. Every father longs to listen to 'Love you' from his son. Though they don't express with words and hugs, they absolutely enjoy such expressions of love. Why don't you try out? 


3. Majority of dads long to take care of their kids like their mother does. They look at their pregnant wives and want to do something from their end as well, to contribute to the child's birth. They make every possible effort to include themselves in the prenatal journey. 


4. Your dad loves to share activities with you. He loves when you go along with him while he is doing a repair or mowing the lawn. Instead of the exclusive expression of feelings, your dad prefers sharing talks on various topics, participate in activities and watching TV together. That's how they are. Again, they don't ask you to participate!


5. Your dad loves to be asked "Are you ok?" Children often ask their mothers if they are okay but don't ask their fathers. They consider their fathers as super heroes who can handle anything. Though your dad doesn't express, he would love it when you care for him. 


On this Father's Day, wish your dad like never before! Happy Father's Day. 



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