Is motherhood a costly affair? Not everyone can afford it?

I am currently in the most beautiful phase of my life. I'm enjoying my pregnancy journey. Though it comes with set of challenges, on the whole it has been gifting me, the pearls of joy. With too many sensitive moments to share, my baby and I set on a fairyland where there is only happiness. 


However, motherhood does come with its share of disturbances. Of everything else, I feel the aspect of hospital checkups to be extremely annoying. Waiting for hours in the hospital to be called, running your body down through multiple tests each month, getting needles driven into veins and sending sound waves into the abdomen - oh! It's overwhelmingly tiresome. While attending tests is on one side, waiting for reports gives the next-level headache. 


Well, coming to the point, if we have to talk about the expenses involved in the whole journey, I think this small post is insufficient. Consider stapling the bills in series and make a circle of them, it would appear as if it can cover the earth twice. Thankfully, we are able to afford the huge bills at every phase of our hospital visits but what about those who cannot? Is pregnancy only for those who can shell pennies? What about those women who aren't in a state to pay for scans, blood tests and delivery? Has pregnancy become a costly affair? Is motherhood so expensive? 


I acknowledge the advancements in medicine and it's only because of science that the mortality rate has come down drastically. The survival rate has increased. But, how many women in this country can afford medical help during their pregnancy? What about them? Even the basic pregnancy vitamins and folic acid supplements cost in thousands. Will common people and those below the poverty line be able to afford them? Yes, there are various schemes for expectant and new mothers. Anganwadis too work towards giving them services. But how far are they reaching women in the desired way? I wonder how many women can afford anomaly scans and growth scans! 


Should our nation not think of making the basic needs like medical care and education easily accessible to everyone irrespective of their social and economic status? Instead of taking money for every vote we cast, can we ask for these favours? Do we have that honesty and courage? I don't think things will change for everyone alike unless public demands for what exactly they want. 

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