If someone's yesterday is in your hands!!

Forget about the past because it's over. Don't think of the future because it's not in your hands. Live in the present and make the best of it. 


Okay. This statement is quite common and I have been hearing this for decades now. Out of respect for all those who keep repeating these words, I tried putting it to practice. But I was never successful. 


Is it so easy to forget the past? Okay. We move on. That's totally a different story. But who can forget the brutal moments which left behind scars, that don't fade away? Though you try your best to move past it, it still comes to sit with you. Any incident that happens in the present in some way or the other, is connected to its twin in the past. One can very well relate. 


That moment, when similar situation falls before you, you become numb and helpless. All you can do is to travel back in time, revisit the whole scene, shed some salt waters, tremble in anxiety, wipe your cheeks off the wetness, come back to where you are and sit like nothing has ever happened. 


How many of us live with a smile on their faces every day even when their veins are filled with venom of the past! Countless! Is it really necessary to spill the bitterness of words on others and create another unforgettable past moment for their future? Why don't we make someone's present peaceful so that they don't have to hide it in the secret of their untold agony. After all, life is same for everyone. Let's behave a little better today to make ours and someone's yesterday brighter. 

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