Feed children music, and see what they turn out to be!

On this World Music Day, let's acknowledge the fact that music is a healer. It's the panacea for all ills. Music relaxes the mind, thereby helps to keep the body healthy. We all know how greatly music works when one has a stressed out day. Music also serves as an encouraging factor to keep people going. While there are innumerable benefits of music, it's also observed that inclusion of music in education helps in the holistic development of children. Here are the benefits of including music in education right from the preliminary stages. 


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Aids in Language Learning: 


How many of you recognised that half of the vocabulary you learnt is through the nursery rhymes you sang in your early years? Music improves language skills in children and as children are introduced to various words or lyrics, they get access to vocabulary within a short period of time. 


Aids in Memory: 


Music enhances the memory of an individual. We still remember the nursery rhymes we sang years ago. When children sing, they remember the lyrics, tune and other dynamics of the song. All this process helps to increase their memory and this power, is transferred to learn other aspects in their classroom. 


Teamwork and Collaboration: 


Students come together to play musical instruments and sing in a group. This activity helps them go hand-in-hand with each other to bring out the best output. Thus, they understand the importance of team work and coordination which helps them further in their lives. 


Discipline and Responsibility: 


Music education instills discipline and creates a sense of duty in children's minds. While they sit in one place and focus on every note, they understand the importance of being composed. They also own the responsibility of the song they are singing, striving their best to give the needed output. 

Also, children who learn music are introduced to various cultures and get to experience them as they learn the origins of the song and its creators. 


So, without thinking, enrol your toddler into music education and see the wonders that pop up even without your knowledge. Happy World Music Day and may your lives be filled with melody! 




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