Child lost father

bio image 

The father

I dont have one now

 but i love him 

I miss him 

Daddy was my everything . I dont know were my daddy went , but my friends and family said he will be here at any time. 

I know , I exactly know they are lying . But were did he go ? 

Few showing to the sky 

And few showing to his photo 

Few telling he is inside me 


were did he go ? 

I want him on this Father’s Day

No more lying 

But were i need to go ? 

Were can i find him ? 

Is he really inside me , how can i take him out

Please let me know if anyone of you find him 

Tell him i miss him alot 

Tell him i need to hug him right away 

Please .


Dad if you would have been with me then that would be us


Reason behind the photo  : 

All i wanted to convey with this pic is that the pain of the children who lost there father ....DAD this word is more special to someone who doesn’t have fathers love ... As it said that DAD is sons first hero and daughters first love...  I’m also one of them Coz I too lost my father and fathers I want all the ppl to cherish every moment vth there parents and think how lucky they are to have them... THANK YOU


Location : Fort warangal.

PHOTO Credits : Sairam Baloju.

In frame  : Venkatesh, priyanesh, Yuvanesh.




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