All about me and mountaineering!

I discovered my passion for mountaineering by watching a movie, which was about mountaineering, and started to dig deep into it and found out a company that is the Boots&Crampons that takes people for treks and expeditions!

I have done 2 expeditions till date and wish to do more!

The first expedition I've been to is the Everest base camp at 5, 600m above sea level and it was the expedition that taught me about self-motivation, cause the first day there was an absolute disaster because we had to cover 2 days of trek in 1 day, and we literally walked for like 14 hours incline with our rucksacks, here I had to get self-motivated because the team had split into 3–4 groups according to their pace and I had been in between 2 groups most of the time, so was trying to boost myself every single time I was tired, and I started to talk to myself that was when I felt the most motivated, I used to push really hard every time I got tired not only for that day but, I got used to it for the whole trek and was successful in reaching the base camp!

The second expedition I’ve been to is The highest free-standing mountain in the world or the highest mountain in Africa which is Mt.Kilimanjaro at 5,895m above sea level, the lesson I learned from summiting here is all about not to give up! The initial days here were pretty good, tiring but manageable but all of it comes down to the summit day where we had to start walking at 1:30 am in the cold weather, I was totally unstable from 1:30 to 4:30 I had vomiting sensations and I was behind the whole team but, after that, I got some different type of thought which was my parents' hard work in sending me here and my hard work in coming here that motivated me so much that I was all good and the next thing I know that I was in front of the team and by that type I had gotten a fixed pace to move in, then the next problem arrived when we reached Gilimans point which is 210 meters below the summit and about 3 hours to the summit, nowhere is where half of the team members were returning back to camp as they were all tired and the weather conditions were starting to deteriorate second by second, so I had to trust my gut and not give up. This is where I understood to never give up because You never know how close you might be to your destination! I was able to reach the summit in the next 2 hours and I was really happy that I hadn't given up on my thoughts for summiting!

The practice plays an important role in your performance, I had done a lot of practice for MT. Kilimanjaro ( my recent expedition) I had done night walks from 11 pm to 5:30 pm similar to the one at the summit day on Kilimanjaro but here my parents were here to motivate me during the walk and also before and after the walk, I had been taking fitness classes every day, I was climbing stairs every day with weights, I had been doing walking every day with bag after 8 pm, I also had been doing skipping every day from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

The Advice I’d like to give everyone is-
1) Never lose the self-motivation within yourself always try to make it more not less.
2) Never give up cause you don’t know how close you might be to your destination.

All this time I had to balance my academics with sports, I am a really sporty person but at the same time I had to be able to manage my academics and for this, I cut off my free time and made it sports time, the free time is now equal to sports and the rest of the time I manage school, homework, exams and extra studies apart from sports. I am pretty much a student in school who likes to study and I get above 80% overall in all subjects.

My future plan in Mountaineering is to get to the top of all the seven summits across the world and to be the youngest at that, the expeditions I will be going to next year is Mt. Elbrus- the highest in Russia, Mt. Kosciuszko -the highest in Australia, and Mt. Acanacogua- the highest in South America, and I will be having the 2 of the most difficult expedition in 2023 and the highest and the mightiest of all in 2024 which is the Mt. Everest, at the age of 16. (as Everest is only for the trekkers at the age of 16 and above.)

I would want to be the youngest to climb all the seven summits of the world!









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