Acupressure can enhance our Immune System

Now Acupressure can enhance our Immune System, so Goodbye medicines!! “These Two minutes of immune-boosting points will push you towards a healthy life.”


In a fast-tracked environment, it is possible to work overtime, make too many promises, or strain yourself to the brink of fatigue. This vitality unevenness is weakening the immune function. Suppose we take good care of ourselves by eating well, having adequate sleep and workout, and performing strategies that relieve stress and relax our bodies. In that case, our susceptibility to disease is dominant. However, if we misuse our bodies, propel ourselves excessively hard, eat inadequately, don't exercise, and neglect to deliver pressure, our resistant framework debilitates. We are more inclined to an ailment.


Acupressure point massage and profound breathing reinforce the resistant framework and can assist you with warding off infection. Daily stress accumulates within our body, creating pain around the back and shoulders, and feelings of anxiety that also find it hard to relax. Offer your two minutes of acupressure, guided meditation, and relaxing workouts every day to combat the normal stresses throughout life.


Acupressure exceeds expectations as a preventive type of medication…..

It makes us more grounded with the goal that we can keep us away from illness and it adjusts minor irregular characteristics as well before they become a more serious issue.


Magical points for therapeutic reasons primarily ......

If you somehow managed to get an acupuncture therapy solely for preventive reasons, then your acupuncturist  would choose a cohort of locations that do the accompanying:


  • Our fundamental vitality and the establishment of how everything in our body functions, including the immune framework.
  • Strengthen assimilation (digestion), That association between gut health and invulnerability.
  • Strengthen the lungs (in Chinese Medicine, the lungs are our first line barrier against contracting outer "wind conditions" like colds, cases of flu, and sensitivities).
  • Settle the brain (stress can debilitate the invulnerable framework)

"Pushing down to acupuncture will help activate the body mechanisms and connect with the nerves to accomplish all the above activities."

It’s time to boost up your life by acupressure!! Any key points to activate your biological safeguards are GB20, KI27, ST36, LU7, and LI4.


Most acupressure spots are perceptible once you discover them!

Once you locate the dots, realize a sore spot or a pinpoint where your thumb seems to plunge marginally. Invest 30 seconds around points. Impose gentle pressure on your midsection (abdomen area) while trying to breathe consistently.


Tip of the day!!

Press the point on each side of the body to feel which one is more delicate/touchy. On the off chance that you notice a distinction, center your pressure point massage meeting around the sensitive side.


Time to get a Bonus tip!!


Massage points for immunity aid match well enough with eucalyptus, fir, tea tree & lavender oil. Powerful acupressure point that can boost your immune system….. Acupressure is the only tool in the toolbox that can support you to shore up your resistance and defensive systems. 

AFTER ALL!! “Health is Wealth”

There are far more techniques to encourage you with your wellbeing, some of which are addressed below. There are far more techniques to encourage you with your wellbeing, some of which are addressed below.



Area: At the back of the head, in the downturn between the upper part of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the trapezius.


           Activities: Shields the body from outside pathology ("wind intrusions"); delivers a cerebral pain and a robust neck; sustains the cerebrum and advantages the eyes; and, clears the head along with a calm soul.


Area: Around the chest area, situated an inch from the lower outskirt of the neckline bone.


Behavior: Improving the immune system function by reinforcing the respiratory tract; particularly good for those who are much prone to respiratory infections. Declines Qi and introduces the chest to ease congestion, difficulty inhaling, asthma, sore throat, anxiety, and depression.



Area: Surrounding the lower leg, about a length of the hand below the kneecap, just beyond the notable lower leg tibia bone.


Actions:  Among the most effective ways of improving the body’s immune system. detoxifies the entire body qi and plasma, and enhances the defensive qi in specific; increases the body's stored energy and helps relieve tiredness; brings a muscular balance, and improves digestion.


Area: Situated on the hand, between the thumb and the index finger.


Behavior: The spot of release treats the cold and flu infections such as fever/coldness, running nose/lung congestion, headache, sore throat, blurred vision, and so on.; It improves the body's immune system against infection. Potent anti-inflammatory; helps to relieve pain and continues to move qi; has a relaxing / analgesic. Remember: Avoid this point during pregnancy.  


Area: From the thumb base,  exactly about two fingers long up your Starting with the drop in the wrist at the from the arm.


Motives: Helps to strengthen the lung tissue to force out disease. They are customarily used only for warning symptoms of cold / pneumonia, such as fever/shivers and severe headache, which often increases body tolerance to winter bugs and influenza. Handles sadness and grief, which may weaken the lung tissue.




Behavior: Li4, or having joined Valley is a well-known painkiller and anti-inflammatory source; it is a strong point for any headache or anxiety symptoms and enhances the immune response. It is situated between the finger at first and the thumb finger, from the wrist to the knuckle. Last but not least!! Follow this self-acupressure treatment routine to support your immune system and ward off colds and cases of flu this season…..

1. Get in the right place.

2. Invest 30 seconds on each area, following the order alluded to above. Apply firm weight while breathing consistently into your mid-region. 

3. Follow a schedule, you can do this once in the first part of the day and once before bed. If you begin feeling exhausted, powerless, or like you may be catching something, up it to three times each day.

Hard to avoid a good diet in that case!!

When we consume dried, aged, or create and control food, we undermine our immune response and our resilience as such products have deprived us of the essential nutrients and antioxidants.


Some ingredients, like sticky rice, parsley, carrots, tofu, sea vegetables, fresh vegetables, and lightly buttered sesame seeds, can improve the immune function and boost the body's capacity to defend itself.  

“Give your life a priority and make it germ-free life”

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