You Are What You Eat

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Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine thy food
Is wisdom from Hippocrates which ought to be pursued
The drug stores will not tell you of the wealth your pantry’s got
And the healing power of food that can go in your cooking pot

So, if you share my passion to nourish, heal and grow
Let’s fill your plate with colours that could rival the rainbow
Not M&Ms or Jelly beans, but food your Grandma ate
Food that activates your cells – like Heaven on a plate

Nature has bestowed upon us gifts that far surpass
The processed food that could lead to coronary bypass
So if you love your kidneys, your liver and your heart
Let’s reboot your health engine and give it a jumpstart

A drink with lime and honey I would strongly recommend
On an empty stomach to reap the dividend
It stimulates your liver and is easy to consume
Eliminating toxins like a supersonic broom

Eat your brekkie like a king; you must have heard folks say
A Quinoa Oatmeal porridge is the way to start your day
Yogurt, nuts and berries with an egg should keep you well
A pinch of powdered Cinnamon to fortify each cell

Let’s alkalize your body with a visual masterpiece
Cholesterol-free, low in fat and no unhealthy grease
A monumental salad – the most appealing snack
Delicious, crisp and colourful – a nutrient rich pack

I’m an avid salad fan, in case you haven’t guessed
Rich in anti-oxidants – your body feels so blessed
Imagination running wild I create a meal
Which makes my body dance with joy from my head to heel

I know I sound ecstatic and I hope you feel the same
And join my palate in my quest to set the world aflame
Hunger pangs snowballing lets create this matchless bliss
While your body feels awakened and your salad and soul kiss

Let’s tantalize your taste buds with celery and beans
Apples, Beet, Tomatoes and be lavish with your greens
Capsicum, Cucumber, Avocado and some spice
Carrot with fresh parsley and you’re in paradise

While you maximise your fibre and focus on your fruit
Steamed veggies and Legumes should be part of your pursuit
Mackerel or Sardines- rich in Omega 3s
Improve cognitive function along with Garden peas

And now for a delicious treat to keep those germs at bay
A Kale and Berry smoothie just takes my breath away
Add ginger, cloves and Kiwi fruit as well as lemon zest
Banana and Pineapple and your smoothie is the best

Your lean meat, soy and sea weed as well as sprouted grain
Will boost your immune system like the juice of sugarcane
I swear by holy basil – it has Gods fingerprint
Like Broccoli and Mushrooms and freshly planted mint

Turmeric and Fennel, Garlic, Leek and Sage
Neutralize free radicals and fight cancer with rage
A love affair with Pepper I bet you won’t regret
Preventing peptic ulcers, to it you owe a debt

Your body is your temple, it’s sacred and divine
Nurture it with tenderness– it is your holy shrine
A living breathing miracle designed by one above
A precious gift to care for, look after it with love

Eat to live should be your plan, not to live to eat
But make exceptions once a week and have a special treat
The Holy Grail for good health is “Hara Hachi Bu”
A week into this lifestyle and you’ll see a brand new you

With this smorgasbord of salad, I guess I shall retreat
And leave you to explore the fact that you are what you eat
The warriors of wellness will enrich your greatest wealth
Let’s have a cup of green tea and drink to your good health

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