Every night when I look up those stars above the sky,

Gazing them at peak,

Thinking back, if they can also speak!

Those who left us behind,

They are none other than the angles of mine!

Every night I called out their names,

But earlier this hasn't been the same!

Those are the stars of mine who left me behind.


They must be looking for me from the other side of the sky.

So I ask God why they? Don't you know they will also cry!

You asked me once, how are you?

That day I pretend to be fine,

But my soul sensed inner pain of mine.

Coz they were mine who left me behind.


I wish if I could grab those stars in my lap once more,

So I can touch them and cry some more.

Then I never let them go again.

So I can keep them safe from this pain.

There are few things that death can’t touch,

Those memories and smells that I’ll keep with me as such,

Coz they are mine, the stars who left me behind.

Snippets under Spotlight