The Queen

I was just a child when I saw the blade

Glinting in the darkness, enchanting me,

Calling me by my name

Calling out to me to see.


In my teenage years, I’d run my fingers

Along it’s beautiful steel,

Entranced and in raptures

Within the visions it showed me.


In youth, the skies darkened

As I lifted my chin to face them all

Still unsure about my dreams.

And still seeing the silver sheen.


I made my decision,

Gave into my desire,

I picked up the blade,

And built up my fire.


I raised my sword

The silver that glinted

In the morning light

Ordering me to fight.


I wore my crown,

Held my head high.

I was queen, and I’d fight,

Or I’d die.


I had the enemy on their knees

Crying for mercy

But I was the queen, you see,

And queens don’t forgive easily.


I had blood on my gown,

Blood on my golden crown,

I laughed as I saw the blood

The enemy was down.


I claimed my throne, 

Earned it you could say

Because that is how a queen is born

And history is made.


And they may tell you otherwise,

They may say I’m the villain

But truth is I dared to fight

And change civilization.


That’s how people are

Just too scared

Open up to the monsters inside you,

And lay bare.


When you do so,

You may hear the thrum,

Of conscience and conscious,

Of a wildly beating heart that drums.

Follow it’s voice, trust it’s song,

Tell your tale and wear your crown,

Because, you must understand, dear,

That dreaming is never wrong.


Snippets under Spotlight