The Magic of Meditation

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I give myself a gift each day every morn at five
It’s simple meditation and it helps me to survive
Taking time to “just be” with a mindful attitude
I focus on my breathing and am filled with gratitude

I light a scented candle while I lie down on my mat
Being in the present moment is my only caveat
Eyes wide shut I am aware that every breath I take
Rejuvenates my spirit as I move into daybreak

Acknowledging my inner being I find myself embrace
A wonderfully flawed human being whom I accept with grace
Experiencing the life force that’s given birth to me
I focus on the candle flame in its simplicity

I inhale love and kindness and an avalanche of joy
And exhale every feeling that Goodness will destroy
Escaping from the prisons of the Future and the past
In “Now” I find ecstatic bliss – a feeling unsurpassed

Inviting peace and wellbeing into each and every cell
My Solar Plexus energized I’m in a trance like spell
Bathed in warmth my cells rejoice feeling cleansed and healed
I visualize them dancing with joy that’s unconcealed

My soul nourished with patience as I open up my heart
Waves of love engulf me - a fresh new day to start
In this theta brain-wave state I slip into a corpse-like pose
Exhaling stagnant energy, inhaling through my nose

This humbling daily practice has brought a peace profound
I’d like to share its benefits with everyone around
All it takes is five minutes to reignite that spark
In your body, mind and spirit in the stillness of the dark

This elixir to calm the mind can help you deal with grief
And free you mind from conscious thought as you find relief
Releasing feel-good endorphins it rewires your brain
And teaches you forgiveness while it helps you deal with pain

Untangling the blockages within the human mind
Your ikigai – Purpose to live – I promise - you will find
This early morning ritual will stay with you all day
Your inner landscape tranquil while you meditate and pray

The chatter in your mind replaced as you look within
There’s heightened new awareness as the air touches your skin
Instagram the instant while you unwittingly slip
Into the present moment on this meditative trip.

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