Stars, just words

Dusk laid down on me, the stars were my words

I scrawled them upon a beautiful destiny

Night came dashing and crashing when it heard

The sky was paper and my words would be infinity

The trees lifted their eyes to meet my words upon skies

The streetlights were dimmed by words that glistened

A cup of glory overpoured washes these papers to write

A powerful abstract that attracts opposite forces to be neutral

The sky would be brighter than those golden rays that filled

A white ocean in which birds swam across

That unworthy being would spread mortal words which a power makes immortal

A poet’s strongest weapon is its wounds that dare moves me

To express anger as burning stars to burn trees

Setting black skies on fire but I neutralize it with positivity

A word that pours like liquid sweeter than whiffs of cocoa

The morning comes and my words still remain

But you and I can’t perceive this powerful stain

Snippets under Spotlight