Mother Teresa

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She didn't have a Dior dress and she looked rather plain

In her coarse blue bordered sari which she wore time and again

She didn't have a Gucci bag to keep  her precious things

All she had was in her heart - she didn't crave belongings


She didn't have Chanel shoes to move from place to place

And on the roads of death there was no need for fancy lace

She didn't have a figure of a supermodel crew

And was frail and thin and tiny, perhaps diminutive too


She's never been on cruise ships or holidayed in France

And she struggled very hard to give the poor another chance

She's never tasted Caviar or sipped an Emma Peel

Didn't hesitate to pray and said it didn't hurt to kneel


She didn't sport a Rolex watch to check the hour of day

From morn to night she cared about the ones who had no say

Cartier diamonds weren't her choice - she didn't dig jewellery

And believed you were empowered when you held the Rosary


Unlike our politicians who're all for power and fame

This Angel from Albania loved lepers and the lame

She didn't waste time with lofty words and tried to do her best

To nurse the sick and tired while God put her to the test


To the dying in Calcutta, her touch had meant the world

To the destitute who had no hope, her love she had unfurled

To the wounded in Vietnam who simply lost all hope

Her warm embrace gave courage and they learnt to cope


To the starving in Ethiopia who'd soon be vultures prey

She begged the world to do something, much to her dismay

Those orphaned in Ireland had lost their near and dear

The Mother gave them faith to live - and they forgot their fear


The handicapped in Aussie  had stumps instead of feet

Her compassion reassured  them and they learnt to make ends meet

To the lonely and unwanted whose hearts just seemed to ache

She gave them love and dignity - so they wouldn't break


With gentle words of comfort and eyes replete with pain

She worked in slums and footpaths  politicians would disdain

While some would shrink in horror seeing maggot ridden folk

She cleaned their wounds and nursed them -  her love in them would soak


With boundless faith and courage and a spirit that was strong

She changed the lives of many, while she taught them right from wrong

A statue in her name, was the last thing that she sought

For Saint Teresa of Calcutta was one who couldn't be bought


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