Mom you deserve to fly high!


Mom, you are a gem of a person who always desires to fly high,

You bourne to raise a child, nurture a family always with a smile.

When the sky is the limit, you must shine every minute,

You are the woman of her words who never lie,

Don’t you think you also deserve to fly high?


Your work is never done!

You are the woman among women, always with a high bun.

Like a fine figure in her high heels and curls.

It portrays to me like a unique pink pearl.

Mom, you bornt to the purple,

like the brightest gem, like a unique pebble.

Time has come, take deep dive into your dreams so that you can also gleam.

You whisper when you are shy, 

Don’t you think you deserve a high fly?


Let your voice mesmerizes as always, let your touch be feathered as always,

You protect us from those who dare, that is how you always care.

Let me also be that mom, who bourne to raise a child,

again let me also learn to nurture a family with a smile.

Let me also learn the way you care, whisper, and shy.

So, can I also deserve to fly high?


You sacrificed your moments of joy so you can make me achieve high.

Those days you didn't fly coz of me as I cried.

Now it is my turn to make you fly, achieve your dreams and help you in achieving high,

Coz, yes you also deserve to fly high!










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