Hostel - A struggling Truth


Crying under the blanket, 

Hugging the pillow, 

Hostel life taught her the lessons, 

To smile in tears and glow, 

Not letting anyone know, 

Especially parents, who love her the best, 

That's how she has to grow... 

This is where strangers turn into family,

From asking permission to use their things,

To exchanging everything,

To our world, new people we bring,

With whom we are the true monkey that can sing

The true world is nowhere close to our home

It is here that we realize

We were living in a secured dome, we were being protected,

But it's now time to step out, to know the actual people, the actual world

The innocence is lost in the process of knowing the truths

Which is definitely a loss for the betterment,

Which wouldn't have occurred if it wasn't this place,

It made her strong and move with pace,

In order to make a move and always ace...

This place is wonderful, filled with all emotions

From unknown to best known

From stranger to secret keeper

From loneliness to never depressed

From crying out in mother's lap to smiling with a stab at the back,

This place has the power to make the bonds stronger and a person the strongest...

The hostel is where you learn together,

Everything and everyone...


Snippets under Spotlight