Happy Birthday, Mr Bachchan

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"Happy Birthday, Mr. Bachchan from all your die-hard fans

Who've followed you since 69 to glittering days in Cannes

You're the legend of a life time - You've perfected every act

No matter what the genre, You've never ever lacked


Was on that 70 mm screen  we watched your first release

A 'Sholay' in our hearts was lit and we thought time would freeze

This sensation of the silver screen excelling in each role

With acting so phenomenal he's always bared his soul


Sometimes the 'angry young man', sometimes the 'Major Saab"

He's played each role with panache, after all he's Amitabh

He's humanized the gangster in "Deewar" and "Sarkaar"

And was sensitive in movies like "Mili" and "Pukaar"


Was it that baritone voice that had so much appeal

Or the histrionic talent caught on every film reel

In a movie made by Abbasji he won his first award

And soon we'll watch "The Great Gatsby" and once more we'll applaud


"Kabhi kabhi" I feel that he was the best in 'Black'

But when I watch "Zanjeer" or "Pa" my brains I start to rack

Now I feel 'Majboor" to say that I liked him in "Armaan"

Though my better half prefers "Anand" and "Abhiman"


He broke our hearts in "Coolie" and the nation was in shock

But our "AB" had the "Shakti" and rose once more to rock

His repertoire's amazing - and he seduced us all with "Hum"

And if you try comparisons, I would say "Cheeni Kum"


Now he hurled me in a "toofan" one day in my Chem class

And my teacher was so furious and said I'd never pass

"You there, Are you listening, I heard my teacher say

"Come here and please tell us what I taught in class today"


Now, my heart was in my mouth for I was lost in "Khwab"

Singing "Kasme Vaade" with my favourite Amitabh

Well, I kind of mumbled something while I tried to bluff my way

And couldn't think of any thing intelligent  to say


"Well I can walk and talk the English, sir, just like you, you see

For  Merchant and Hazare will play prestigiously

Intoxicated and in love with the sheer exuberance

Wasim Raja and Bari to play with better sense


Now, I don't know if you heard this sir but it was news to me

That one "Mr. Natwarlal" has made this great discovery

There's an element that's new and supposedly it's strange

Unlike the other elements within that normal range


We’re wondering what to call it sir for now it is 'Benaam"

I thought "Lawaaris" sounded good; perhaps 'Namak Haraam""

Maybe I'd be inspired if you sing with some 'Alaap"

Nahi tho hum kahenge "Bbuddah hoga tera Baap"


Before I said another word, I saw a lightening flash

I also heard a sound so loud as I began to crash

And though it happened years ago I still can feel the slap

For my face it bore the imprint of "Narayan Shankar’s" rap


Now you'd think I'd learn a lesson after this incident

How "Do Aur Do were paanch" I could not comprehend

While I could have "locked the answer in”, I thought I'd "phone a friend"

And hope our shows of KBC with Bachchanji don't end


This hero of the masses is certainly "Mahaan"

Even when he's eating some "meetha meetha paan"

That 'mirror scene with band-aid is imprinted in our hearts

And it didn't take long for Cupid to strike us with those darts


While we have our chyawanprash to make us tough and strong

We pray for Mr. Bachchan to keep good health for long

We also use his favourite oil to keep us "cool & cool"

And watching him I guarantee is still "Paisa Vasool"


While I'm trying to be a "Shayer, but only for "Do pal"

With "Prateeksha" I await his blogs, not only "aaj but kal"

On behalf of all his fans I'll say "Hum tum par itna dying"

"Jitna sea mein paani lying aur Aakash mein panchi flying"


The epithets are many for this one-man industry

His charisma is matchless like his intensity

He's none but the "Shehenshah" who loves to entertain

And 'Anthony Gonsalves" is the one who'll always reign

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