Once I met a girl

Who smiled and laughed

By her charm, she made her surroundings grand

Life was sweet and happiness came as planned

As she grew, time slipped as sand

She looked for her peace

But it got miserable and bad

She tried to get control but found it hard

Life took a twist and there were more demands

Hence she surrendered herself to people's commands

She was a queen who fought all life's battles

She had few haters who killed her glamor

Happiness shattered

She needed a support to chatter

No one was pleased

So her rage increased 

Atlast, she lost her calm and was sent to bedlam she found few pills

For her fears to kill

She knew it wasn't here that she had to be

She dived to find few missing pieces of puzzle in the sea

Finally she found the place where she could be free

And that was in heaven

So she left here breathe and found everlasting relief in the grave underneath


Snippets under Spotlight