Demons and Crowns

Demons and Crowns


Do you know what it’s like

To have monsters in your head,

Whispering with each step of yours,

“Are you sure you’re right?”


Do you know that feeling

Of just having to succeed

Of having no option to fail

When you just cannot break through the glass ceiling?


Do you even know what it is

To have the demons in the back of your head

Always poisoning your mind

With visions you don’t want to see

With thoughts you don’t need?


Do you know what it is like

To cover your wounds yourself,

To lick love off razor edges

When you can’t hide?


Do you know the feeling

Of having demons

That swirl around in little clouds

That demand for painful perfection?


Do you know the feeling?
Of desperation

As you try to quieten them,

And try to start healing?


Do you know the feeling?
Of realising

You have nothing to lose

As your mind cuts off the screaming?


I know these feelings well

My demons were here all along

But today I shall fight

And even though I may take a while

To win once and for all,

I won’t ever stop trying.


I stand with a sword

Against the demented echoes

And I know I am ready

As I wear my armour


Because I’ve learnt

From the darkness that I begin to fight

That for a Phoenix to rise

It must first be burned.


-Aalia Chondamma

Grade X



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