A Miracle Called You

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When you look into the mirror I hope you will agree
That the miracle in front of you is designed perfectly
10 trillion cells that function even when you stop to rest
No time for them to chill out, go on strike or say they’re stressed

This treasure trove of mysteries is a complex work of art
An engineering marvel starting from your beating heart
Pumping life-sustaining blood from the engine room
Never stopping for a break – right from womb to tomb

What makes you more amazing is your fascinating brain
It helps you think and dream and lets your human psyche reign
Your mind located in your brain is what makes you unique
A network of synapses with an aura of mystique

The nutrients your body needs is got from food you eat
Churned into a gooey mush which is an awesome feat
Packed inside your abdomen your intestines work hard
Absorbing raw material while the rest it will discard

Connecting you from head to toe – your pillars of support
Your bones and muscles help you move, sit upright or play sport
They protect your vital organs and carry all your weight
With a Spinal cord and Cranium since you’re a Vertebrate

20,000 times a day you breathe in and breathe out
That you can’t survive without your lungs you shouldn’t have a doubt
The Oxygen you inhale is absorbed by every cell
Exhaling Carbon Dioxide to keep you fit and well

Your senses help you see and smell, touch and hear and taste
Transmitting signals to your brain, your neurons act in haste
Shuttling info back and forth making you aware
Through mind-boggling connections they see to your welfare

Your liver has a dozen jobs and toils behind the scenes
Filtering toxins from your blood – a small job by no means
A wrecker’s yard - it smashes stuff your body does not need
That your liver’s a Life Saver, I’m sure you will concede

As for your bean shaped kidneys which work hard night and day
They get rid of your waste matter – a task you can’t downplay
Checking Glucose levels – is your pancreas main role
With the help of Insulin it works hard to control

From head to toe each part works hard to keep you strong and fit
Slaving non-stop all your life – until your sad exit
So please accept apologies – all body parts I’ve missed
Each one of you is precious and I’ve got you in my list

Your gall bladder & lymph nodes, patella and your spleen
Your Gluteus Maximus – not a muscle I’ll demean
Your Superior Vena Cava and at–times- forgotten gut
Your incisors, aorta and your honourable butt

A union of an egg and sperm, you’re half Dad & half Mum
Once a tiny foetus – You were smaller than Tom Thumb
With 90, 000 pairs of genes in each of every cell
You’re absolutely flawless – hope you know that you excel

From 7 billion human beings there’s no one quite like you
How God designed this Masterpiece I do not have a clue
We admire works of art and often hold our breath in awe
But seldom praise the miracle – the one your mirror saw.

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