A Gut Feeling About … Your Microbiome

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In Bio class our teachers taught us all about the heart
From womb to tomb it never rests until death do us part
We learnt about our cerebrum housed within our brain
The king of our anatomy forever it shall reign


And while science kept advancing we listened to our Gut
Our gastrointestinal tract without which we would shut
Home to trillion microbes which outnumber human cells
These fungi and bacteria are imposing citadels


Combating inflammation, they optimize our health
They fight autoimmune disease – they’re our greatest wealth
Your gut would mesmerize you if only it could speak
Your vagus nerve connects it to your brain – it’s so unique


Let’s make our gut conducive and be a gracious host
To our faithful sentinels guarding each check post
Not just passive hitchhikers – your microbes keep you fit

Junk food, fries and sugar is what you should omit


Eat like the Yanomami and get licked by a cow
Ditch that western diet so your doctor goes “Oh Wow”
With Taro and Cassava you have magic on a plate
A coral reef within you – let’s try to simulate

Let’s retrain all our taste buds and feed them with the best
Eat fibre and fermented food – no point in getting stressed
Try Kombucha or Kefir, Kimchi or Sauerkraut
Combine it with some whole grains as well as mung bean sprout


A diverse microbiome is what you should aim for
Like the Hadzas from Tanzania of whom I am in awe
Your pre and pro biotics will have the best impact
Check on latest research – an evidence-based fact


This thriving ecosystem works hard to keep you well
In a symbiotic relationship the two of you should dwell
Please take your antibiotics only when in need
They’re broad spectrum and also kill the friends you want to breed


To boost your immune system – let’s try and fortify
With Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli
Promoting Akkermancia – your friendly crew will fight
Free radicals and pathogens with all their power and might


Let the child in you break free – play in mud and dirt
Pat your dog, laugh a lot and don’t just lie inert
Get your backside off the couch – it’s time to move your butt
High time you said a thank you to your honourable gut


The rainforest within you – is your holy grail
The elixir to every ill – the one who’ll never fail
Reboot with resistant starch – let your microbes thrive
Get a good night’s sleep and let your colon come alive


Baptized with your Mum's microbes at the time of birth
You’re greeted by your best friends as you enter planet Earth
Unfailingly the sun wakes up to bring new life each morn
We’re indebted to our Gut flora since the break of dawn

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