What Can We Do To Lead A Happy Post-pandemic Life?

What is it like to live with what seems to be a forever thing? Covid-19 has hit our lives as a sudden wave of shock and has taken thousands of lives from around us. After witnessing the smiles fade away, we all got stuck with unexplained agony. People who smiled at us every morning till then, suddenly disappeared. People who were next to us through our thick and thin, vanished without a warning sign. Now, it has been two years. While doctors learnt how to deal with the infected ones, we also learnt how to accept the reality. However, there is a lasting impression of the dangerous face of the virus that is still flashing before us - every day, every night and every moment. Accepting that this is not going to end anywhere soon, we should start living with it.  Here are a few quick tips that helped me and might help you too. 




Half of the problems are solved when we accept that they are there. Yes. Instead of running away from the problem and telling yourself that everything is going to be fine, creating false hope to your mind and heart, it's advised to stand face-to-face with the problem, greet and accept it. When we accept the reality, our mind gets tuned to plan its course of action. Eventually, things shall fall under your mind's control. Trust me, this helps create a conducive environment in which you can work and live stress-free. 


Resume Your Activities: 


As everything came to a standstill, activities that you have done in the pre-pandemic life must have been paused. If you are an outdoor person adventuring and doing activities outdoors, then you must consider resuming them one at a time, keeping safety and self-care in mind. Choose the places wisely, take proper preacutions and consider getting back to them slowly. These activities will keep you away from the post-pandemic stress and anxiety. Also, make sure that you pay attention to what your body is telling you while you are outdoors. 


Keep Your Gadgets Away:


The pandemic has increased 'digitalization' like never before. Education, work, business transactions - everything turned digital leaving no person's eyes off the screen. One should realize that this increased screen time is going to effect more than the pandemic itself, in the long run. So, keep your gadgets away at least for few hours in a day. Find other activities like reading, volunteering, exercise, etc. that will keep you engaged positively. 


Learn To Help:


Helping others cope with their struggles gives you peace. Try experiencing the bliss you feel when you become someone's support system during their difficult times. It will not only wipe their tears and make them happy but shall also bring peace to you. 


Don't Ignore Mental Health - Seek Help:


There is nothing wrong in seeking professional help for mental health issues. Anxiety, panic, depression are not anything to feel ashamed of. Ignoring mental health can lead to several physical ailments too. Seek professional help whenever you feel that it is going beyond your hands. Talk, share and ventilate your thoughts with someone close to you or a see a therapist. 


It's all in your hands. What reflects from your body is what you feed your mind. Exercise your mind and body in the way you prefer and see the magic. Smile, share, walk, run, meditate, help and do whatever makes you positively happy. Remember, life is to live. 







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