The Win

The sun rises against the horizon, saffron and brilliant in its hue. Today, it paints us all the same, as equals. Today, it shines with glory and purpose. 

Today is the day they all won. All the radicals, all the moderates, and the ones who were in the fight for no benefit but pure passion. All of them, each and every one.

Today, it does not matter what your politics are. It doesn’t matter whose side you are on, what ideologies you support or shout against. Today is the day you break down those walls and beat your chest with pride, for today is the day we won freedom.

True, there may be people who will insist that their ideas, their standards of freedom fighters are superior to yours, that they are always right. But you do not have to listen to them. Instead, search within. Listen as your heart beats with a rhythm so pure and true and natural. Listen as it drums the beat of patriotism and freedom. 

Ask yourself, how often does it beat thus?

It beats for the blood, sweat and tears of those who defended, are defending and will defend it in the future. It’s always been there, unfortunately clouded by lies, whitewashing and colonialism, but it is there. The choice to dig deep and recover it, to care for the land you call India, you call Bharat - is entirely in your hands.

As the sun rises today, think about this country, about the people who fought tooth and nail for the freedom we so blatantly enjoy and take advantage of. Remember their sacrifices and ask yourself, are you doing something, anything that contributes to the nation? Think about the country, today, tomorrow and forevermore, not just on Red Letter Days like this one. 

This Amrit Kaal, recover your roots. Replenish and revive them, and celebrate in the beauty called India, that you otherwise are deluded to ignore. After all, Janani janmabhoomi swarg se mahan hai!    

A happy Independence Day, to all my fellow Indians. Today, may we rise, and stop not till the goal is reached.    

-Aalia Chondamma

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