How to turn your kids into climate warriors?

Introducing kids to the idea of environmental protection is much needed in the wake of climate crisis. However, we very well know how kids show resistance to something forced onto them. Therefore the trick is to incorporate activities into their everyday life without their knowledge. The best way is elders practicing what they want to preach. If you want to ask your kids to save energy, do it first and set an example for them to follow. Lead them initially and they will take the baton further. 


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Small Changes, Big Results: 


Show your kids how to conserve resources by shutting off the taps while brushing, washing clothes or doing dishes. Show them that they should turn off lights while they leave the room. Teach them the importance of bathing using bucket and mug over rejoicing under showers or in bathtubs. Replace disposables in the house with sustainables and say no to plastic at any cost. Take a walk or ride a bicycle for shorter distances. When your children observe all this, they start developing green habits. Green habits inturn lead to a greener planet. 


Introduce Them to Nature: 


Go for morning or evening walks into the nature whenever possible. Show them the trees, birds, cattle, soil and climate. Talk to them about how humans co-exist with nature and how everything on this planet is interdependent. Share stories of how the actions of humans can cause discomfort to other life forms and educate them to be empathetic. Instead of giving them toys that give temporary happiness, take them for a trekking trip to the mountains or forests. That way, you will gift them fun, learning and a lifetime experience. 


Buy Them Books: 


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Children love colourful comics and attractive books. There are a bunch of books that talk about sustainability, waste management, recycling, climate change etc. that help children get the idea of eco-friendly living. 


Grow Plants Together: 


Introduce children to gardening and tell them what plants can do to help protecting the environment. You can also involve them in preparing the compost and show them the joy of harvesting the produce.  


When you start taking steps, ideas keep popping up and you will unknowingly walk a green path along with your little one. Happy living green! 


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