The Guru From Himalaya who enlightens the world.

“I work a lot. Work is a worship, work is a meditation”, says Shivaa Guruji. According to his website, his day starts at around 3.30am and begins by connecting with Shiva. He watches TV to see the world and know what is happening around. From 7am onwards, the time when the sun rises, he prays, “receives light and energy of the heart, not from the mind”. Every morning, he dedicates one hour to write and paint. He eats only when he is hungry. For 9 hours, his time is dedicated to give soul guidance and to transmit knowledge to people through personal meetings, skype, emails, and written responses.

When someone asked him, “What can we do for the world?”. he replied, “Stop gossiping and start taking positive action!”.

When Shivaa Guruji presented his work on invitation at the Energy Painting Exhibition on 22nd October, 2021, at Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, his work was more than just admirable. Presenting to you, a glance of the life and work of Shivaa Guruji, the Yoga Master and Founder, a Mystic Master, Poet, Painter, Philosopher & Life Transformer.

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Guru From The Himalaya:

Shiva Guruji Aruneshwar, who was trained by 21 Himalayan Masters, is from Himalaya. Talking about his childhood, he said how he spent his time mostly in acquiring knowledge from the Masters. He would spend time with wise men and people who had got unique talents each and would acquire knowledge from them.  “My mother was yogini, deeply spiritual. She wanted to learn and teach this art. Before I was born, my near ones prepared my arrival by praying to God to call the divine to come in our family and that I could receive all divine knowledge necessary to offer my life in service of the world”, he mentioned. As he went on to acquire knowledge from various masters, he eventually became their reflection. “The first gave me the light to mediate, the second, my two eyes for the awakening and the ability to know who I really am, the third, the power to think positively and forget all negativity. All the other Masters have followed a well-elaborated script for my education.”, he recounted with gratitude. He was thus trained to become a Master with discipline. “I did not experience any kind of suffering, I was protected and looked after 24 hours, bathing in positivity”, he mentioned. He studied 64 Siddhis & 16 Vedic Arts, including Vedic Soul Astrology as well as philosophy from East & West. He has devoted more than 30 years to the study of yoga, Vedic Arts, 64 spiritual arts and the oriental as well as occidental philosophies. Today, he is a Shiva Dhyan Yoga Master, Soul Guide and Life transformer to people from all religions and cultures.

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Shiva Dhyan Yoga:

Master Shiva Guruji, after receiving training from 21 Masters from Himalaya, has initiated Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations at Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland. He explains the importance of Shiva Dhyan Yoga and says that it is a meditation technique that awakens the awareness leading to the knowledge of self. “Realizing who you are with your own breath, soul, heart, body and mind. Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives you the experience with yourself in SHIVA, which means:

  • Synergy with yourself & Sky – Element space
  • Harmony for Humanity & Horizon – Element Earth
  • Initiation & Ignition – Element Fire
  • Vastness & Vibration – Element Water
  • Awakening Awareness – Element Air and breath”

He further says that its practice is multidimensional and transforms the practitioner on spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level. Dissolving the negativity, this practice generates inner peace, joy and unconditional love; creating a path towards supreme happiness and enlightenment.

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As a master, he says, his role is to give to others, wisdom and universal love. He enlightens people on several aspects like “Time Awareness, Task Awareness, Result Awareness and Self-Awareness”, Time Management, throws light on the power of imagination and creation and various other self-help and self-enhancement concepts.

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When people learn to balance their emotions and find inner peace, they shall in-turn make this world a better place to live. We wish every individual realizes their own self and thereby walk the path of love and compassion.

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