Re-holding the brush years after leaving it behind, introduced the magic of this artist to the world.

Born in France in 1967, S.Dechiron was an ardent lover of Art since childhood. She wanted to be a stylist but as life turned its course, her path also changed. Though her heart longed for art, after discontinuing her studies at the graphic art school due to financial reasons, she could not embrace it again owing to professional and family constraints. 


Thanks to 2015, could be due to introspection, she held the brush again. When she stepped in to Miami, her love for art became a strong desire to take it up again. Especially, when she visited Wynwood in 2016, where she saw street art that froze her soul, she thought that her decision to becoma a full-time artist will take no backstep. 

The journey began and just in one year's time, in December 2017, she exhibited her work at the Earth Basel exhibition. This boosted her confidence and improved the quality of her work. 

Dechiron's interest revolved around the beauty, expression and sensuality of women. she preferred to represent her work in black and white, in color with different mixed techniques (Indian ink, watercolor, acrylic and pastel) and "those through faces or situations of fullness and well-being!" "I hope that each woman can find herself, imagine herself, escape through each of my paintings. What a tribute to women", she says. 


Thanks to the universe for waking up the artist in Dechiron and inspiring her to hold the brush again. Everything happens for a reason! 

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