Paintings that travel beyond the limits of physical aspects, time and space!!!

Nathalie Cougny, who was born in 1967, has been a self-taught painter. She has been working with colours since 1996 and is also a published author since 2011. When she says that "the expression of my painting is linked to the existentialism movement in its free vision of feelings, detaching itself from the judgment made by others on society and what surrounds it. To open the doors of the abstract, it is to penetrate a world of pure and intense emotions, by circulating in the timeless regions of the body and the spirit, without tie, without limit, without taboo, freely!", she speaks it right about her masterpieces. Just look at what she paints for a few minutes, I bet you will fall in love with the pure world she has created. going beyond time, physical existence and spirit; her shades travel without the limits of time and space. Nathalie Cougny works and exhibits her creative works around Paris where she lives. 


This passionate artist gave up her profession at a mighty company in the year 1998 to dedicate herself completely to art. She ran an art school that had 200 students and simultaneously seeved as the head of communication for charity association. she has also organized several art exhibitions and media events for cerebral handicapped children. In the year 2009, she took up writing and wrote poems, children's stories, and also touched upon the genres of entertainment and romance. Her writings highlight every small human emotion. She has been a committed personality who strived against battered women leading numerous activities and took part in projects aimed at challenging the ill-happenings against women. 

How much ever I write about her is just telling you one side of her artistic brilliance. To dive deep into her artistic ocean, you should check her work for sure. This is a sample for you. 


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