Art is to touch the soul and serve the inner feelings!

"All feelings and experiences have their place and function. I focus on positive experiences and the healing power of beauty. I try to create a sentiment, enlighten the spirit and provide comfort for the soul" - says 'Soulwatcher' Danny Drijvers, a Belgian contemporary artist living in Genk. 


His works carry an expression and a statement that is expressed with bright and colourful hues and geometry. They touch the soul of the art lover by creating order in chaos. Reinventing oneself and rebirth, self-experience and self-development are the main themes in his work. Enthusiastic, powerful, expressive and explosive - these words best describe Soulwatcher's art. His artistic philosophy is one of its kind - "Art has to be more than what you see, more than a representation. Art should have a soul". 


He lets the acrylics and water based oils float on the canvas. Not only that, he creates digital magic using computer and smartphone programs and a drawing tablet. He also does 3D painting. 

"I want to do something with the inner experiences I have. At the same time, I also want to inspire others. Art is something with which you can touch others and with which you can tell something", he reveals what art is to him and what he is, as an artist, in just a few words.

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