A French artist's speaking faces.

She graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Le Havre and studied at the Stockholm Academy of Realist Art, she also went to Van der Kelen Higher Institute of Decorative Painting. This enthusiastic artist is a painter of faces that tell stories. The colours in her paintings spill positivity around. She is Sophie Raskopf, a French artist whose paintings are being exhibited nationally and on a global scale.

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“Sixties icon, Twiggy is a very inspiring woman. Her beauty, audacity, innovation and art have made her travel internationally. The background is adapted to the subject and is inspired by the works of Sonia Delaunay” – one of the paintings of her, follow the above description. Even if someone hasn’t read the description, the picture herself speaks it all. A beautiful woman with confidence and strength gleaming in every corner of her face delights the viewer’s eyes. In another painting, the face of a woman is covered partly with a net and that comes with a deeper meaning. “This net protects but continues to let beauty, sensuality and love through. This luminous jet energetically placed on the eyes teaches that the look must always remain positive despite the hazards of life”, she explains her painting.


Playing alternately with oils and acrylics, Sophie Raskopf is an award-winning French artist who hails originally from Paris. She has her studio located in Brussels. After starting her career as a Press Attaché at Warner, she kept improving herself constantly Sophie believed firmly in the statement, “Face is the index of the mind”. Her paintings, she says, convey a message through faces that reflect emotions, experiences, culture, environment, and time. Sophie’s art is not confined to one aspect. From realism to contemporary, from figurative to pop art – it ranges on a wider note. Be it black and white sketches or playful pleasing colours, she masters them all. Sophie’s oil painting portraits come in unusual framing and are embedded on linen canvas – just amazing to watch and one can’t wait to get it home. Even her black and white portraits are given a tinge of ecstatic shades with unusual colours – just what is required. “My black and white portraits are generally enhanced with pop art-like color touches”, she mentions.  

To reveal emotions, she uses various techniques that drive her point home. Her paintings – iconic, contemporary and topical, are sure to draw the hearts of art lovers.

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“Once women are rid of prejudices, labels and the weight of history, they are revealed to be pure. Like a rough diamond, cleaned of its impurities and all that encumbers it, it can flood the world with its inner light. It is unbreakable and its angles enhanced with jets of bright colors in my works are formidable and form a powerful armor. I learned through my journey that beauty is in each of us and allows us to transcend the darkness of the vagaries of life. I want to share this power so that it serves as an example and radiates the world.” – this description she gives for one of her paintings where are woman’s face is gleamed with an array of colours, reveals her artistic mind, with which she wants to convey a message that stands firmly in the minds of the present-day women. Thanks to her art, she is able to be an inspiring part of other’s journeys.


In a world where the feelings and emotions of a person aren’t taken into account by their fellows, Sophie’s paintings are an effort to convey how face can speak a thousand words without actually speaking. Can we understand others with the help of their facial expressions? Why not?

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